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This training utilizes the power of the dynamic Everything DiSC® model to help you connect with your salespeople and create customer-centric interactions that drive positive results.

Developed via sales-specific content and modular facilitation tools, Enhancing Your Salesforce helps participants discover new strategies for stretching beyond their natural salesforce tendencies, making the selling process more productive and successful — regardless of a customer’s unique buying style.

Help the members of your sales team learn more about themselves and their own communication styles so they can build deeper relationships with current and potential customers. Learning more about their own strengths and challenges will enable employees in your organization to develop a deeper understanding of the buying styles and thought processes of your ideal clientele.


  • Discover DiSC styles and how they shape sales interactions

  • Understand the styles of others and how they are directly connected to buying behaviors

  • Learn what drives the customer decision-making process

  • Practice adapting your style for maximum effectiveness across a variety of clientele

  • Create a plan of action for your personal sales process

We work with you from the outset, determining what's the best fit — in terms of timeline — and customize training to meet your organization's specific needs. 

In-Person and/or Virtual Options Available

  • Individual Coaching

  • 1/2 Day Session

  • Full-Day Session

  • 2-3 Day Retreat

  • Long term - billed monthly


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