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A leader is one who oversees many, as opposed to managers who oversee daily operations on a one-to-one basis. To become better leaders, individuals must comprehend how their actions and styles influence employees' effectiveness and, ultimately, organization-wide results.

Becoming a Better Leader helps you connect your DiSC® style to the ways in which you can lead your organization. This all-inclusive, classroom and online program approaches leadership explored in Everything DiSC® Management. With a unified model of leadership —Vision, Alignment, and Execution — Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders can help you understand your own leadership style and how your tendencies may influence effectiveness in distinct situations.


Participant Take-Aways

  • Recognize the priorities and tendencies that shape one's approach to the fundamental work of leaders: 

    • Creating a Vision

    • Building Alignment around that Vision

    • Championing Execution of that Vision

  • Explore methods for playing to your strengths and overcome challenges in order to improve your leadership effectiveness.

  • Explore the VAE model and understand how best to implement its principles for organizational success.

  • Identify strategies to develop preferred behaviors based on best practices.

We work with you from the outset, determining what's the best fit — in terms of timeline — and customize training to meet your organization's specific needs. 

In-Person and/or Virtual Options Available

  • Full-Day Session

  • 2-3 Day Retreat

  • Long term - billed monthly

  • Individual Coaching

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